Translating your spiritual inspirations into smart, lucid copy.


As a writer and editor, I have a particular interest and background in the fields of consciousness, healing, spirituality and psychology. The ineffable doesn’t scare me. I believe visions can be grounded in structure and language without losing their transcendent essence. This is where soul and psyche – calling and vocation – meet. Allow me to be your guide.

I am part of a growing movement that is determined to make integrity, professional fulfilment and the desire to make a difference the pillars of a new business paradigm. Cultivating an image designed to meet a preconceived idea of what the market wants is working backwards.

We are taught that work and our dreams are separate; that our calling must take second place. I am here to challenge that assumption. I help clients do away with the business persona and focus on their strengths and passions – without apology.

You are much more than your resume.

Why do people need help discovering their unique value?

Because this process invites a level of transparency and vulnerability that is frankly uncomfortable. We are often too close to our own stories. A career path and personal passions – even personal values – can appear disconnected from one another and certainly not worth broadcasting to the world.

Communicating your inherent qualities to the world is the most powerful strategy for attracting clients who resonate with what you offer and how you work. I not only craft your writing but trace the hidden trajectory of your story. That’s the trajectory where your life and work experiences are parlayed into something unified and much greater than their parts.


This involves a simple proofread and mark-up for grammar, spelling and punctuation. The next level up is a proofread, line-by-line editing and rewriting where approved.

In addition to what I offer in the basic package, this option includes a structural analysis, and a full rewrite if requested. Expect your work to be transformed.

Blogs. Journalism. E-book marketing material (the blurb and pitch). My special talent is for working one-on-one to translate your ideas – your vision – into lucid, smart copy.

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