The cards are signposts for an understanding that arises from our in-dwelling spirit.

What to expect in a reading

I treat a spread of cards as a map of consciousness. The cards act as signposts and as they are laid down on the map, we build a narrative. Not everything will be apparent or make sense immediately, though the theme or motif is often ‘hidden’ in plain sight.

This exercise is collaborative and I see you as a participant, rather than the passive subject, of a reading.

By working with these cards, we are summoning the various spirits of what they represent. They span mystical figures from different traditions, Andean energy medicine, plant-spirit medicine, the medicine wheel, mythology and art, celestial bodies, and natural phenomena.

I take a lyrical, story-building approach to a reading. It is less about quick and easy answers, and more about unveiling, layer by layer, the many elements of the narrative. When the map is in full sight, we are unlocked from fixed perspectives, and insight, emotion and a path forward can emerge.

Ending the quest for certainty


The purpose of the question is not to find an answer, but to dissolve the seeker. It’s this principle, not predicting outcomes, that informs my readings. For it is in the unknown, at the very centre of our apparent powerlessness, that liberation can be found.

Written readings

Written readings offer a more lasting testament. As such, these readings remain relevant through multiple changes and can be returned to again and again to reveal new insight.

As a writer, I also treat these readings as art. I spend significant time deconstructing a client’s personal mythology to produce a self-contained yet dynamic representation of their soul map in relation to the querent’s question or issue.

This is a long-form investigation. Written readings run up to 6000 words and communicate beyond the rational filters of the mind. The map is not the territory but orienting oneself in the midst of change allows for a greater level of acceptance and grace to permeate the transition.



Justin gave me a reading a few weeks before my life underwent a huge change that had been coming for many years. Everything he said came true in the most unforeseen ways. But that is hardly important.

The greatest gift he gave me was that of a guiding voice, a light, a light house that shone a crystal clear light into my darkness and not only started to help me find a mind map but also made me feel infinitely known, understood and not so alone as I traversed my life.

The gift of his reading and his power is that he presents an honest guide along the life path, he is not only incredibly intuitive but also full of integrity — a rare combination.

Communications Director, Facilitator and Counsellor, Sydney, Australia

Wow! My first reaction was a mix of tears, goosebumps and lots of smiles! I then was speechless and wanted to read it over again.

It has really blown my mind (in such a good way) and resonated with me so deeply. You are so on point and were able to put on paper what my soul and spirit knew on a deep level but didn’t know how to put in to words.

I know I’ll be re-reading it many times and return to constantly as I step into this new chapter of my life.

Naturopath, Toronto

When I read Justin’s words in an article he wrote, they resonated deeply with me and I could feel the depth he has and can access. I immediately went to his website and booked a reading. I didn’t care what it cost as I knew it would be worth every cent, and let me tell you, it was!!!

Wow, the depth of his writing and the deep resonance it has for me has me reading it repeatedly. I have read my reading at least 8 times in 3 weeks and I find more gems and awareness’ each time I read it. Especially as things move and shift for me. It gave me clarity and guidance for what I already knew and often it takes someone to convey it in a majickal way for it to connect, as it certainly did for me. Also, he offers a follow up chat which is filled with awesome mind provoking content.

Thanks Justin, I truly appreciate your gift with words.

Kellie Malcolm
Healer, Victoria, Australia

This is the most beautiful reading I have ever received. I don’t even know how to thank you… Or how can I say that – you put in words what I feel more and more and what I start to realize. Beautiful. You are an amazing writer as well.

Three months later: This time, and with some time passed after I read your reading for the first time, it makes even more sense!! This is crazy.

Translator, craniosacral therapist, Sagres, Portugal

Your reading is f***ing brilliant, Justin…you have to offer these readings to the world right now. You gave me so much, I’m so impressed. You are so capable, have so much knowledge and you are such a gifted communicator. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You are so wise, and the way you are also “teaching” (not to be understood in a negative way) in your reading. Awesome, useful and inspiring.

Social worker, Copenhagen

(Joint reading): What an amazing reading. I have never had so many moments where I could change my stuck perspective. It has been very helpful for me in so many ways and on so many levels. Your attention to detail gave me a lot of clarity.

You put into words, well, what I could not find words for! I am now finding I’m able to see my way from a higher perspective which feels much more open and flowing.

Dare I even use the word exciting, but I am renewed by this reading. It confirmed a lot! (David)

David (and Brianna)

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