We are being mind-f**ked. About time …

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Yes, we are ascending, transmuting, healing, growing, evolving … but this ever-in-motion process is going nowhere fast. Awakening in a closed-loop system stays forever just out of reach.

“I know what you want. You want a story that won’t surprise you. That will confirm what you already know. That won’t make you see higher or further or differently. You want a flat story. An immobile story. You want dry, yeastless factuality.”

Yann Martel, Life of Pi

One of my earliest conundrums as a child was to muse whether people really existed if I wasn’t paying attention to them. Lying in bed unable to sleep, I would see the manicured uniformity of the neighbourhood in my mind’s eye. I knew some of the occupants. But just because I presumed they were in there, as solid and verifiable as the walls that enclosed them, I doubted. My question wasn’t so much whether they were flesh and blood — because they were substantial enough when I interacted with them — but where did they go when I wasn’t around to witness them into existence.

As a young boy, I had never heard of the Austrian physicist Schrödinger or his (conceptual) cat. His famous thought experiment sought to show the absurdity of the hypothetical feline being both dead and alive inside a box until the said cat was measured. In this analysis, the characters that peopled my world didn’t levitate, ghost-like, in superposition state — neither this nor that — until I took their measure. It’s just that I sensed a blankness about them, a utility for sure, but one of narrow functionality. I might as well have folded them up and stored them in the closet of my imagination until they were needed.

I shared a room with my irascible older brother and was certain that the turning wheels of my mind, confounded by these questions, would wake him. I fully expected him to rouse and complain: “Stop thinking! If only I could stop paying attention to him.

The beauty of art, beyond its aesthetic value, is to tell the truth in a way that bypasses our defenses, opens the viewer to possibilities the dualistic mind won’t entertain.

It can also helps us engage with the unconscionable at a step removed, behind the viewfinder, to witness the awful blood-letting while maintaining psychic integrity.

The question that gave me sleepless nights as a child has returned to me these last few months, albeit in a slightly different form. Instead of asking if the extras in the movie of my life have any volition of their own, I have been wondering if the cognitive dissonance I experience simply walking down the street these days is an expression of their exposure; that groupthink now has a face and a gait, a swarming sameness.

Not drowning, waving

This is my own thought experiment: How many of us are actually here? There’s been a tendency to assume that so-called starseeds are in the minority, but what if the soulless backdrop people were removed from the set design? Might we recognize one another a little easier and understand that we could never band together too tightly, lest the resulting light storm turn out all lesser lights? The qualifiers “relative” and “absolute” are usually used to separate our individual selves from the ultimate truth that we are all one body of consciousness. But the distance between the relative and the absolute is collapsing.

If we accepted this hypothesis, then the playing field isn’t so much leveled as flipped. The myth better captures the spirit of the Real than “dry, yeastless factuality”. The meta-myth draws all stories into its orbit and transforms them, just as all lives are drawn into the one great life.

At the level of story, that same tendency to assume our smallness against monolithic forces mis-attributes the cause of the dissonance — the cause of this uneasy contradiction between what is being perceived and what is being presented as reality. No, it’s not the effect of censorship, groupthink and mind control, after all. Gaslighting now has all the subtlety of an older brother’s constant mockery.

So what is actually being perceived? That we are more Real than real; that our consciousness is the only thing holding this simulated reality together.

The story can be told as a systemic collapse, an endlessly mutating contagion and barely-human functionaries herding the collective into the abyss. That’s one view, a perspective encouraged by the open mockery. Yes, we are ascending, transmuting, healing, growing, evolving … but this ever-in-motion process is going nowhere fast. Awakening in a closed-loop system stays forever just out of reach.

The myth, though, sees us returning to where we began as humanity rediscovers its original virtue and original creative fiat in a victory that echoes throughout the Cosmos and beyond. The matrix, which is just about cooked, exists only at our pleasure.

The transparent display of authoritarianism is designed to keep us seeking to resolve the cognitive dissonance. It is a survival instinct adapted from childhood, when we learned to kill off our sense-perception in favour of what would keep us out of the firing line. But seeking to end that discomfort only delivers us back to the either/or of a circular reality.

The third way is not the creation of an alternative path to the new Earth, but the transcendent whole that brings the old opposites to a new order of reality where they are complementary and where the new Earth already exists.

The resulting tension of holding opposites together without forcing them into unnatural reconciliation feels like cognitive dissonance — it feels like a mind f**k — but it is actually a transitory state and we are the living bridge; our consciousness the etheric sub-matter that is weaving a new dimensional fabric. When the relative merges into the Absolute, the dissonance gives way to the euphoria of true orientation. I have often bemoaned my tendency to walk softly on the Earth, as if only heavy footprints make an impact. Yet softly softly is the only way to walk between worlds.

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