Breaking the fourth wall: glitches in the matrix

by | Oct 21, 2021

Light or dark, service to self or other? Regardless of the narrative, the real trip is that both story-lines collapse into the one ending.

It’s that old new-age trope: But your soul chose this. This catch-all explanation for circumstances we’d rather not experience but are needed for the nebulous idea of soul growth is often invoked right after one has been blindsided by events. Did my soul really choose this?  

We might as well ask the same question of incarnation itself. The obvious answer is yes. The more pertinent question is why. To learn a lesson? To burn off karma? To take one for the team? I am wary of old-paradigm questions and answers, their assumptions buried in the fine print. Narratives of all kind are maintained by acquiescence to the implicit; while the explicit herds the conditioned mind over the cliff. Are souls choosing to be coerced into medical procedures, to sacrifice their livelihoods to maintain bodily integrity?

There’s a certain predictability to the tactics of the death cult. Once the mind is freed from its delusion of convenience — that it is safer not to see than to see — the matrix starts glitching out. The more consciousness that is directed at it, the more spasmodic the interruptions to scheduled programming. The code itself becomes observable.

If there’s one truism that belongs to this weird time of systemic collapse and dimensional switch it might be this: if you can see the programming, you are no longer controlled by it.

There’s no such thing as an objective witness. According to the ‘observer effect’, the watcher influences what’s being observed. It might seem absurd to think that humanity’s preoccupation with safety and security has been slackened sufficiently to allow the hidden to come into view, but it’s precisely because we are being freed from the scaffolding of scarcity that there has been a reboot of hyper-regulation. This is all counter-rational and upside-down, and therefore, exactly what the death cult doesn’t want us to see. So how then does the observer affect the coding?

Well, for one thing, it short-circuits the programming, which is one-dimensional. It exists only to perform a function that upholds the system and relies on fixed, unchanging parameters. If that function is to inform the collective unconscious without being seen, then being seen just does not compute. It glitches. Instead of mind control, this freaky auto-executing breakdown allows for mind release.

In film and stage, it’s called breaking the fourth wall, where the actor directly addresses the audience, sometimes with a nudge and a wink. It’s all theatre. It’s all a game. And that’s the freedom. The barely-human functionaries don’t even seem to disguise their intent or cover their tracks. They are programmed to operate covertly and are behaving as if they are in private. Of course, they haven’t changed but the code was never programmed for the light scattering the veil of shadow.

Love does not compute

I’ve written numerous times that only the divine can create ex-nihilo (out of nothing). The death cult can strategise, plan and execute but do so only using existing structures. So organic timelines and potentialities already in the field are mimicked and hijacked. It’s a bait-and-switch scam, and we cannot miss what we are being manipulated and coerced into buying.

The so-called Great Reset espouses the principles of the 5th dimension while using it as cover for dystopian devolution. The return of humanity to our divine inheritance, meanwhile, has been twisted into what has been called ‘the harvest of souls’; which is another way of saying turning humanity into an animal farm. Welfare and control have become synonymous in the awful doublespeak of our times.

Effective programming insinuates itself into the dominant social and political mores, and the terrible righteousness of old religion. Prophets were persecuted in their own country because they exposed the code in its localised form. The dark genius of this plan is to enrol the masses into resisting their own liberation. Ultimate immunity is the full embodiment of our divine nature, but it has been hijacked by the drive to systemise the body through external medical interventions.

Yet victory to the light is inevitable, because all these strategies were reactive to what had already happened in the field. In this analysis, the global contagion was designed to co-opt the inevitable awakening before it had a chance to flourish. It’s as if we are watching a replay of a film that’s already had its premiere and this time the fourth wall of linear time is broken.

The real trip is that both story-lines collapse into the one ending. Indeed, this is the very means of bringing all split off aspects of consciousness, no matter how dark or lost, back to Source.

How could the central planners not see this? They cannot reckon with human empathy and the will to act beyond one’s own needs. Using the field as a predictive device yields data but cannot discern motivation. Love does not compute.

So did our souls choose this? In my view, to see beyond the very premise of the question is to be freed from the new-age talk of soul contracts, which are no more than a set of intentions subject to the sovereign will to make a different choice. It implies a separation between the personality and the soul. This distance, too, is collapsing. My soul does not need to ‘grow’ or ‘mature’; it is already complete. When the distance between the chooser and the choice collapses, I become a field of living choice that merges with the matrix itself. When I am all of it and none of it, I can play or not play. I know my preference. In this simulated reality, that’s called game over.

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