Dystopia down under and the Comic Flashpoint

by | Aug 27, 2021

“The zealotry of masculine control systems, and the state apparatus of death, are grinding through the gears but the outcome this time is not dystopia and the end of a civilization. Instead, it’s the end of history, which in the Omega Flashpoint can feel like the same thing.”

T he virulent thought-form long ago set loose in collective consciousness called Wetiko is known as a virus of selfishness in some Native American traditions. This description is not as banal as it sounds, even though selfishness is culturally accepted through its well-worn euphemisms in the West such as profit margin, economic growth, ambition, social influencing, marketing spin, personal salvation, sin and expiation, and other such grotesqueries. Variations on this theme have been a pox upon our House for millennia.

From an indigenous perspective, the failure to consider the interconnected nature of all life, and embed the reality that the health of the one is indivisible from the health of the many, creates the fertile ground for the unchecked spread of this virus.

It isn’t a new phenomenon, though through mutation it forever takes on new guises. Wetiko merges into the unintegrated shadow of the personal and collective psyche; it shapeshifts in and out of view to activate an auto-aggressive immune response that ends up attacking healthy cells. It is true to say that Wetiko isn’t real, because without a host, it doesn’t exist.

Yet the genius of Wetiko is that in convincing us it isn’t real, the gaze of sovereign consciousness is diverted from exposing the hoax.

I’ve said it before: It takes a virus to root out a virus. When all points of consciousness are trained on a single cause, the pathogen can be flushed out of its hiding places and seen in the light of the bright shining day. There, it is revealed not so much as a virus — because, remember, as soon as it can be seen, it disappears — but the subtle-realm material food that it has been existing on: our collective loosh, all the excrescence of fear, hatred, anger, greed that has formed a virtual dense forcefield around us in the astral garbage tip. Thus justifying, until recently, a planetary quarantine.

It might seem that the polarization of consciousness is the result of a secondary infection, yet that obscures the role of the true cause. The selfishness of the Wetiko virus — or the pursuit of individualism that has morphed into narcissism — is now so out of step with emerging reality and the Light flooding the planet that its expression has reached peak intensity. It looks like polarization. It looks like the mental pollution of a post-truth world where different points along a spectrum are attempting to define reality and unilaterally declare it the only truth.

It doesn’t matter whether the secondary virus was created in a lab, or even deliberately let loose, because the consciousness that would do such a thing is the real virus and — in our global theatre of the absurd today — the unintentional antidote. So instead of seeing our split in consciousness as the problem, it is what Wetiko looks like when it has been flushed from the system. We have to go back, however, to find a fuller context for what is happening today.

The reinstatement of Lemuria

Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Peru are home to the living consciousness of the old Lemuria. The beings of Mu, as you are probably aware, shared a cosmology most evident today among the Indigenous of the planet. As they say in Peru, we are children of the sun, and belong to Mother Earth. For them, it is inconceivable that an individual would be separated from the group, because the group offered the sanctuary of direct contact with the Divine.

The individual cut free from group moorings was like an orphan, and manifestation of illness was a symptom of separation from the group and from the Universal Life Force (which in turn were indivisible). If someone got sick, then the group took responsibility because separation and its subsequent guilt must have emerged somewhere in the collectively held consciousness.

This cosmology is the antithesis of the poisonous thought-form virus, yet Wetiko was transmitted to Lemuria from declining Atlantis because consciousness has no borders. Ironically, it was the Lemurians’ intrinsic devotion to group responsibility that opened them to Wetiko. It was thought that the lower frequency could be entrained into the higher, but that presupposed the absence of a will bent to its own purposes.

A system open to novel factors, and the Divine Will’s capacity to create ex-nihlo (out of nothing), was infected by a closed system, negating the possibility of evolution. The lower ego-mind from Atlantis, already infected by Wetiko, used the open system to invade. Subtly at first, but catastrophically by the end, the Lemurians’ higher values were used against them.

It would be easy to cast this as a narcissist-empath dynamic, but it falls down on the false assumption of empathic vulnerability. It was not the Lemurians’ higher values that made them vulnerable but the absence of the sacred masculine to balance the divine feminine. In Tibetan Buddhism, the bell (feminine) and the dorje (masculine) are inseparable, representing wisdom and method, an open basin with a structure to hold its energy. Within this benign structure (more rightly called a nested holarchy than hierarchy), it is empathy’s imaginative potential to put itself beyond itself that makes it a potent and irresistible ignition for creation.

It is the very attribute we share with the Divine, drawing open systems into new basins of experience; into new dimensional fabrics; on and on, without end.

Authoritarianism and the New Age

We are so conditioned to associating structure and even masculinity with dominator hierarchies and pathological patriarchy that cool reason and rationality have been crudely cast aside in wooly new-age thinking. The right mind, committed to upholding the sacred flame within the human, will not tolerate the desecration of our House — the living Temple of God on Earth — by Wetiko. It will not be seduced by appeals to spiritual vanity, lust for power, and lower emotions.

The high priests and priestesses of Lemuria, however, did not succumb. Foreseeing the inevitability of the wreckage wrought by Wetiko, they passed through the veil while still in form. They became invisible. By ascending into the Light, they created a morphic field of resonance for the day when humanity would again begin to realise its divine nature. Many Indigenous have never lost that contact.

The appearance of authoritarianism today in the places once occupied by Lemuria is a repetition of history.

Wetiko has been drawn from its shadowy lair to leach out the vital substance of fear and despair while reinforcing the closed system. But this repetition of history is a recapitulation for a purpose: to bring it to karmic Zero Point for the first time.

The lessons of Lemuria have been assimilated. This time Wetiko will be cast into the outer darkness from whence it came as the thunderbolt of dorje strikes the groundless field of wisdom and the sound echoes into all layers and dimensions of reality. In this spirit of alchemy, the lower is transmuted by the higher, because the open basin is given a sacred geometrical structure within which the death and rebirth process of transformation is contained, rather than hijacked.

The zealotry of masculine control systems, and the state apparatus of death, are grinding through the gears but the outcome this time is not dystopia and the end of a civilization. Instead, it’s the end of history, which in the Omega Flashpoint can feel like the same thing.

Even more interestingly, without access to others’ creation through the proliferation of negative thought-forms, Wetiko is rendered powerless; its genius seeding its downfall. Wetiko stole into Lemuria through manipulating the will to do good, to benefit all, and is using the same stratagem again but now it cannot improvise. A virus must mutate to survive; but it can no longer mutate. It is stuck with this singular tactic as all points of consciousness merge into the same space. Wetiko can’t jump from unwitting carrier to unwitting carrier anymore, because now there is only One host.

Inoculations, and arguments over inoculations, have assumed the steady drumbeat of war and rumours of a war. But they become unnecessary within that sacred container where all is accepted and nothing denied. It is only the lower that seeks to deny the higher, just as the ego repudiates Divine Will. In our new order of reality, alchemical entrainment means the lower must gravitate to the higher. It quite literally has no choice. That applies regardless of scale, from the subatomic onwards, through every transcending layer of reality, each with its own truth and sovereignty yielding into the more expansive truth and reality of the whole. Something designed for ill is then turned to good: a virus becomes an antidote; and an inoculation becomes redundant.

The stage is set and the portal open. In the blinding Light of the Cosmic Flashpoint, when the past and future are reduced to Zero, we don’t even have to agree with each other; just agree that we are each other, and that is sufficient.

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