Lion’s Gate and Victory to the Light

by | Jul 23, 2021

“It is easy to go down into hell; night and day, the gates of dark death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one’s steps to the upper air — there’s the rub, the task.”

Virgil, The Aeneid

Marseilles , 2011
Photo by Justin Craig

A ye, Virgil was right, that is indeed the rub. Another translation of the ancient Roman poet’s epic work gives us a slightly different expression for the journey to the underworld: “Smooth is the descent and easy is the way…” The path of least resistance, urged along by the siren calls of fear and despair, leads us, hypnotized, to the nesting lair of the sum of all fears: Death. We are brought to ground zero of what we sought to escape. The fear for our mortal lives is fuel to the death machine that grinds on and on with ruthless, cruel efficiency, spitting out numbers and corpses to the sickly thrall of the spellbound.

What happened to the Victory of the Light? It’s not enough to deal with mealy-mouthed platitudes anymore: yes, it’s the darkest before the dawn. We know. When we hear the same old gruel, stoking hopes only to have them dashed, we know we must be getting close. Daily we must retrace our way back to the upper air, amid the downward pull of fatalism. Yet daily, hourly, moment by moment, we climb to find the beckoning New World more real than ever before.

The great requirement of faith in the Piscean Age was to hold firm to the new world breaking through reality, yet confirmed only by those ‘with eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’. The pattern of conquest and domination continued unabated. But now something has changed. The game is up. An upside-down world is being turned right-side up. How do we know this isn’t just another mirage? Because the Beast is being unveiled as Maya. It’s easy to get confused; it’s easy to get caught in the cognitive dissonance, until once again we climb our way back to the upper air.

When the illusion itself is being exposed, it’s impossible to discern what’s real with any outward focus.

But it is our Light that is causing all these phantasmal shadows to appear, instead of lurking denied in the unconscious. The frequency of our consciousness is now so finely tuned that we are operating on the bandwidth of One. The failure of certainty, predictability, reliability — the false basis of safety — is the victory of the inner Christos, burning for our attention and focus; burning for the descension of embodiment in the here and now.

There is only one source of true safety and authority: the sovereign self ablaze in righteousness. Not the righteousness of pride, but the righteousness of knowing one’s true, inalienable nature. Freed from the cage of old Adam, the dominion of the lower bodies, and the ego-mind’s worst excesses, victory is at hand because we have turned from the great Maya.

Who or what is the Beast?

We have given over our fear to this phenomenon, and thus ensured its survival, but rather than some entity, it is a viral thoughtform grown more and more malevolent in the dark places of our psyche. The Algonquin indigenous people of eastern Canada called it “Wetiko”: a cannibalistic spirit. The shapeless terrors of Earth-bound existence generation after generation have beget fear of the puffed-up Beast, which has grown fat on our unconscious projections and the banal evil that humans have been committing on one another for millennia. That is to say, it is the fear of our own nature: that we are fundamentally bad and were cast from the Garden with good and reasonable cause. If we start out with a toxic self-image, we will project that image onto the divine, and act in accordance with our base expectations.

How do we know victory is at hand? This is the moment in The Matrix where Neo starts to get it: it’s been him all along. The Adversary is unmasked as a viral payload set loose in consciousness. It takes a virus to expose a virus. Let that sink in. This is alchemy — doing the opposite of what rationality and cause and effect dictate. The Beast only exists because we believe it exists. Claiming our inner authority to express reality exorcises it to the Outer Darkness, which is another way of saying the abode of Ignorance. ‘Hell’ is not punishment but the place from whence it came.

If you can see the Victory already, then it’s inevitable and imminent, even while it is already here. Over 20 years ago I had a dream. I was a child and was directed to the top of a building at night. I looked out and the city lights were off. A voice said: “We are few but we are many.” I saw distant campfires, whose amber glow was scattered across the horizon. I understood that though ‘we few’ were not the majority, when the city lights were out, the campfires shone like stars across the field of the sky.

Many have wondered, why am I so isolated? Why must we endure this without here-and-now community? Why are my kindred spirits spread across the globe and not right next to me? If we were all congested in one place, we would run the risk of becoming insular and self-serving before the job was done. If we stuck only to ourselves, in one place, it would be the equivalent of all the stars gathering into one great Sun. We would make an idol of that light, a quasi-divinity, instead of becoming Suns/Sons unto ourselves. We would be denied the humility to know that good power is derived from the One, and miss the chance to enjoy the wonders and freedom of that smallness, which would allow us entry through the Narrow Gate.

Walking through the Narrow Gate

The voice continued: “Your job is to turn night into day, and day into night.” With a child’s innocence I began conducting that grand ceremony, just as we each have, turning the old world on its head, confounding opposites, and sewing a new dimensional fabric with the Light of our presence.

Just as we are being reborn without our physical bodies dying, so are the structures of the old world being flooded with light for their recalibration, so that they —like our bodies — can hold higher and higher frequencies. If there is a death then it is this: a die-off of the parasitic toxins that have controlled and informed these structures. It might even resemble a viral shedding.

What about the Victory of the Light?

Have you sensed that this contagion of fear is not just about the obvious and unavoidable? That really it’s an existential fear of the loss of belief itself: that if the lower bodies, the pain body and negative ego is not in control then the ‘I’ itself won’t exist. Not just the fear of death, but soul-splintering annihilation.

Every initiate must pass through this night.

God is at work in the darkness, just like in every noble Dark Night of the Soul, stealing away our specialness and the hubris that keeps us separate.

This existentialist fear — the Narrow Gate that must be walked through — has been co-opted and made to appear as if it is about a biological contagion. Its purpose is to keep us from opening that portal.

Victory to the Light.

Victory to the Light.

Victory to the Light.

We’ve taken this step a thousand times in preparation. Through the gate, nothing will ever be the same. Creation will always be different from how we imagined, or else it is mere repetition. The last efforts at control are commensurate with the inundating Light. The gates of Death, which since time immemorial have stood dark sentry in opposition to the Narrow Gate, will forever recede from view. This is Immortality.

One last step, back into the upper air, that’s the rub, the task.

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