Prophecy and the end of history

by | Jul 8, 2021

Prophecy has always pointed beyond itself, and now in these final days, to the end of history itself. Rather than show us how we get to our new world, it is the living bridge between realities.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Interfaith civil rights rally,
San Francisco Cow Palace,
June 30 1964
Photo by George Conklin

W e were once warned to be wary of false prophets abroad. “By their fruit you will know them,” goes one of the biblical passages in question. The prophets of old, however, operated out in the open when there was no private sphere. Neither was spirituality separated from politics or the economy; it was all one lifestream. How, then, to tell if a prophet is producing good or bad fruit in this virtual age when the message is remotely removed from the messenger? Finely tuned discernment (also known as a bullshit detector) can pick out the incongruence between the two. Quite simply, it’s felt in the body as dissonance or danger.

Yet not all false prophecy (to call it such) is purely false. It is simply true to its bandwidth of consciousness. A ‘prophet’ cannot describe accurately any territory they have not already traversed internally, just as a healer cannot safely guide someone to the enclaves of forgotten memory if they have not dared to inhabit those same ghettos. Beyond that point, it’s all speculation and projection, and sometimes wish-fulfillment.

Truth is a living field that resonates through eternity. Its lower vibration deals with the particulars of factual accuracy, whose fate, like the “bad tree” that bears “bad fruit” of Jesus’s parable in Matthew 7:15, is to be eventually “cut down and thrown into the fire”. Facts matter, of course, but they are open to interpretation and manipulation through selective disclosure. Trust me, I’m a doctor. The fire is not hell; it is holy transformation. Only what is true will survive.

And so it goes with prophecy. There is prophecy derived from that eternal field, and prophecy derived from the dimension of its lower echo. The latter is preoccupied with proof and external validation. This foretelling runs afoul of interpretation — not everyone can see the truth it espouses — and so satisfies itself with preaching to the converted.

Moses, Elijah, and Jesus
By Theophanes the Greek.

True prophecy is dangerous

So what is the higher order of prophecy and why does it matter? Put simply, it is forth-telling not foretelling. One commands and one perceives. One constellates events around the Word, and the other perceives events to which language can then be attached. One is not ‘better’ than the other, nor are they opposites; they are just of different orders.

Forth-telling is far more challenging because it requires dominion over the lower aspects of self and an undivided will. That’s why all the old prophets were put through trials that were, well, biblical. By definition, they needed to be outsiders. To carry the Word of God is to have brought the cell-self into holy alignment with the God-self. That doesn’t make them perfect, but their flaws are perfectly molded for the message.

No longer waylaid by private visions, prophets are dangerous. They threaten to destroy the world that is divided into two.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech is pure prophecy of the noble tradition. “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” The way those words, their cadence and pitch, reverberate still is an indication that Dr King was drawing from the transcendent field, bringing heaven and earth together in the collective imagination.

The forth-telling of prophecy matters because it can be perceived by everyone, regardless of their state of consciousness. It will look different, sure, according to that state, but it meets us exactly where we are in our personal evolution. This prophecy doesn’t presage mere change but total transformation; it is not merely inclusive but total, because it enrolls everyone into the shared dreaming space.

Prophecy has always pointed beyond itself, and now in these final days, to the end of history itself. Rather than show us how we get to our new world, it is the living bridge between realities. It heralds the cracking of the very paradigm of which it is a necessary final part; it is therefore self-undoing. Now we see why those trials were so necessary.

Prophecy collapses the distance between the prophet and the prophecy, the dreamer and the dream. No one is left behind because the dream requires all our participation to bring it into dimensional form and there’s no such thing as private enlightenment. As the veils that cover clear perception are removed, the more who see the new world that has already arrived, the more who can see. The momentum will be unstoppable until the prophecy is fulfilled and we are, in the immortal words of Dr King: “Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

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