When evil flourishes, love grows more

by | Jun 15, 2021

The so-called “rulers of this world” have no power of genuine creativity; they cannot conceive of, much less control or predict, acts of selflessness. Their handmaidens are fear and repetition.

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I feel like Moses right now, waiting for the Red Sea to part. An alternative telling of the story of the old prophet wading into the water offers a portrait of faith at the point of cataclysmic change. He walks in, up to his ankles, his knees, then his waist. Still the waters do not part. Then he steps further, up to his chest and neck. Nothing. Only when the water reaches the bottom lip of Moses’ mouth does faith find its ultimate testimony.

The Red Sea parts. A bed of reeds is exposed as flanks of water peel away to give the Israelites passage. But why such brinkmanship?

We might well ask the same question as the shadow grows long over the collective psyche and we are seduced into believing that the moment of all or nothing against the death cult has arrived or is imminent. Moses’ style of leadership – throwing his whole self into the singularity of the moment – is fraught with danger by any reasonable measure. Wading deeper and deeper into the water required faith, but this was not a test of faith.

It is only a projection of the broken-down human paradigms that presumes that Grace tests us, probing for weaknesses.

Foundational change takes place at the last possible moment for a reason. Because we are ready. It is catalysed when the last vestiges of human will are spent, and human hope is exhausted. Then a “hope beyond hope” comes from another source of power.

What is this power?

Only the divine can create ex-nihilo, out of nothing. By contrast, the systems of control over this planet can only manipulate existing structures and archetypal fears. The so-called “rulers of this world” have no power of genuine creativity; they cannot conceive of, much less control or predict, acts of selflessness. Their handmaidens are fear and repetition.

The Crossing of the Red Sea

Nicolas Poussin
Original Title: La traversée de la Mer Rouge
Date: 1633 – 1637
Style: Classicism
Media: oilcanvas
Location: National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne, Australia
Dimensions: 154 x 210 cm

The dark serves the light

When our leaders define a skewed reality for their captive audiences, calling truth lies and wisdom foolishness, corporate evil colonises human sovereignty. Sometimes those who will not see, cannot see because their will has been bound – and it all happened in the shadowy places beneath conscious awareness.

Nothing can throw the surface world into chaos like an unmediated encounter with the Light. Then the dark is the cure. The bound will is liberated in the darkness as a matter of safety, because that’s the level of unconscious patterning and hidden trauma. We are protected from our own buried extremes.

Would we dare go there unless forced? When evil flourishes, love grows more because it is the container for the whole apocalyptic drama. As above, so below goes the alchemical dictum, and those last vestiges are located way below, in the deepest parts of the unconscious. If we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, then we have to go all the way to the bottom to get at the sticky residue of self-defeating and self-inflating beliefs; to get at our ancestral archetypes, which we came to clear once and for all.

This is the edge of all things; the liminal space that is dark and hidden from view. As we clear the archetypal field, the psychic fabric of the old reality disappears. I have personally experienced this as an almost absolute withering of will and desire. How else can I be made supple to Spirit and opened to the radical newness of God if I am already full?

The domain of Truth is not an abstract but a living field beyond human dualities. This Truth cannot be possessed and attempts to turn it into an object, a status artifact of one’s superior awareness, diminish both the giver and intended recipient.

Lest this come across as an argument for passivity and waiting for divine intervention, it’s worth remembering that the divine point of power has always lived inside us in seed form awaiting its full flowering. The merging of personal will and divine will in the fires of ecstatic love has always what this whole thing has been about.

When Thy Will Be One we don’t seek after doing the right thing – the most evolved thing, the most aligned thing, the highest and best thing – from a catalogue of competing choices. There is only one thing we want to do, and it happens to also be the so-called “right” thing. When Saul on the road to Damascus came face to face with the Christ, he was blinded for three days. Our encounter with the darkness of transformation cannot be avoided. If all seems lost, then we can safely assume God is at work in the darkness, tearing up the old template of conquest and domination.

Like Saul, we are not merely changed or renewed, but all our misdirected passions find their true calling. In a world of chaos, there are no choices anymore. We become both more human and more divine in the process, because we are utterly present as the living temples of heaven on Earth. In our world today, when freedom appears in deadly peril, this is true freedom.

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