Gaslighting and the bifurcation of reality

by | Feb 5, 2021

If our perception of reality clashes with the dominating perspective, it is ridiculed, marginalized and attacked. It’s effective and it’s efficient. We become corporatized, alienated from our bodies and spirit, and thus our authentic sovereignty.

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.
Acts 2:17

T his is what global gaslighting looks like when its starts to become transparent. Misinformation, disinformation, rumor, speculation, shifting agendas, maddening contradictions. Every individual has their own threshold for how much cognitive dissonance they can withstand before our constructed (consensus) reality collapses. Deprogramming from the death cult means confronting the collective trauma passed from generation to generation like an unholy inheritance.

Every pillar of trust in what Paul called “the principalities and powers” — the corporate bodies that manage existence — will be shaken loose. Want to make God laugh? Make plans. It’s only natural to grasp for the flotsam and jetsam that passes for certainty just to get a grip on something solid. But these brittle understandings, dividing the world into two, only break apart in our hands.

From the cradle to the grave, humanity has been conditioned to identify so strongly with the containments of our nature that we will defend that matrix of belief, even to our death. Gaslighting starts with the bitter harvest of original unworthiness. By and large, we are uncomfortable talking about evil. But evil is banal, it is everyday, and it is embedded in the institutions to which we have given our loyalty, even while knowing that they have been robbing us in plain sight.

The consciousness of evil is efficient. Maximum gain for minimum effort. Maintaining a house of horrors takes effort; far better to get the bulk of humanity to internalize the principalities and powers and do the hard work of oppression, derailment, sabotage, and projection for them.

In the spectrum of psychological pathology, a malignant narcissist uses gaslighting as a primary tool to shield them from discovery. If our perception of reality clashes with the dominating perspective, it is ridiculed, marginalized and attacked. It’s effective and it’s efficient. We become corporatized, alienated from our bodies and spirit, and thus our authentic sovereignty. The great superstitious specter of evil owes its power to this game of illusion, the maya. It owes its power to the insistence that it doesn’t exist.

But in the gestalt of evil, the unconscionable ‘out there’ cannot be separated from the banal warping of our nature ‘in here’, otherwise we are truly powerless to effect transformation. As we address, collectively, our internalized dynamic of violence, the principalities lose their captive market. We are set free in a transitory void.

Now dualities come face to face, as we reconcile the ‘deep state’ of our unconscious loyalties. This transparent display of our divided will — and its wont to project its violent fantasies and fundamentalism outwards — can break the hypnotic spell, but only if we dare to look without flinching. This purge is resisted fiercely, even more so for the fear of the doubt that follows than the discomfort of self-reflection.

The radical newness of prophecy

We are living in two worlds, the one that is dying and the one being reborn; the new ways of perceiving reality overlaid on the old system rooted in predictable patterns. Outliers in the ‘old normal’ only reinforced their own exceptionalism. It was always a zero-sum game: in order to win, someone else had to lose. Righteousness withers when those old reliable patterns of cause and effect are confounded, allowing for the slow bloom of a compassion that is always win-win. 

The prophet Joel said that in the last days, “young men shall see visions” and “old men shall dream dreams”. The young man is prone to take possession of a dream and use it for his own purposes; hence he receives visions from beyond himself whose design is not to bestow knowledge but to deconstruct the knower. The old man’s will has been broken so many times that he is able to enter the dreamtime — where all boundaries dissolve — unencumbered. To dream a dream is to fall into the slipstream of the cosmic mind. 

A prophecy points beyond itself; it even shatters the assumptions that gave rise to the prophecy itself. The world it foreshadows will always look different to how it had been imagined. That’s why plans are suspect. They are bound by the limitations of our imaginations. We can retrospectively look back and declare a plan fulfilled, but its creative genesis was the state-less in-between, where plans go to die. A sure sign that a better world is coming is the decimation of all plans for betterment. 

When the cognitive dissonance between our two modes of perception is broken, the time of revelation is upon us. We will no longer gaslight ourselves by wanting one thing and doing another. Sons and daughters shall prophesy because they are ordinary and plentiful; and the spirit of glamor no longer attaches itself to cause, effect, and outcome. The last prophet shall become the first of the new world: from the individual to the collective, as we learn, finally, to dream the same dream. 

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