The Tower of Babel: The finale

In the old spiritual paradigm, we attempted to surrender to a larger will. In the new spiritual paradigm, we participate in a larger will. Not “Thy will be done” but Thy will be One

“Who’s killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might’ve known? Does our ruin benefit the earth, does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darkness in you, too? Have you passed through this night?” 

The Thin Red Line, Jim Jones

One of the most haunting scenes in the film version of The Thin Red Line shows captured Japanese soldiers sitting face to face with Charlie company surrounded by corpses. A soldier is trained to dehumanize an enemy combatant to keep his own humanity intact. It is a blunt distancing mechanism, maladaptive and terrible, that has been further weaponized by the remote technologies of faceless killing. But it’s much harder to take a human life when you can see their eyes. 

The direct encounter with shared humanity is a chilling moment in the theatre of war precisely because all violent emanations are relocated back to the self. What horrors we are capable of in the name of the constructed ‘other’. As a species we have denatured the forests and oceans just as we have denatured ourselves, and as we can see writ large, the pathological sense of otherness is fracturing even further still.

In a post-truth world, where nothing is reliable and every perspective suspect, the Tower of Babel casts a monolithic shadow. In the Genesis story, man’s hubris for attempting to build an external structure to reach heaven was ‘rewarded’ with division. This proliferation of language is symbolic not only of the worldviews each language encloses but multiple waves of consciousness, all moving at different velocities. The lenses through which we perceive reality and world events are subject to so many myriad factors that it feels like a mass splintering that surely must lead to annihilation.

It can even seem as if members of our so-called tribe have gone off script; there’s a fracturing of viewpoints even within fairly stable basins of belief.

I don’t believe this is merely due to the exposure of unconscious bias, but the crowding of all states and stages of consciousness into what feels like the same limited space. Differences are accentuated and amplified, opposites appear to combust, in preparation for the Great Return. Along the political spectrum the right edge starts to resemble the left edge, lines blur hopelessly, and ideologues spew out their toxic self-contradictions.

Wiping the slate clean

The Great Return is an involution, as in-dwelling spirit casts off its physical form. Yet for the first time it is not the human body that is dying, but the dissolution of the structures of belief groaning under the weight of endless repetition. Life in this rendering of reality is a closed-loop drama perpetuated, ironically, by every attempt to rewrite the ending. “It is,” as Shakespeare’s Macbeth tells us, “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” In this play, told ad nauseam, God is reduced to a ham actor offstage and we are held in hypnotic thrall by the sickly entertainment.

Involution is by definition a turning inward; and evolution a turning outward. The movement of involution collapses opposites and brings our enemy combatants face to face. It’s easy to get waylaid by the spectacle as the fringe veers towards violence. This face-to-face meeting shows humanity that our collective opposition is not out there, but in here, despite all outward appearances. The theatre of war, the drama of difference, and even the spectral manipulations of bad actors are screens for the tyranny of the ego that has usurped the sovereignty of the soul.

Where have we projected the shapeless terrors of earth-bound existence that have plagued generation upon generation? The ego purports to keep us safe, but will always resist its own diminishment. As the unitive impulse of spirit returns consciousness to itself — life seeking more life, love seeking greater love — the ego’s overreach is being surrendered through that unmediated encounter with self-in-other. As we move closer and closer together, there is less space between competing worldviews. Collectively as we become more aware of the distorting lenses through which we perceive reality itself, time and events move even faster, building an unstoppable momentum. 

The final move 

If involution and the collapse of apparent space represent the cosmic in-breath, the next evolutionary leap is the cosmic out-breath. In the old spiritual paradigm, we attempted to surrender to a larger will. In the new spiritual paradigm, we participate in a larger will. Participation is only possible when the subject and object of surrender, the master and the servant, collapse into singularity.

Not “Thy will be done” but Thy will be One.

Prostration and symbolic surrender offered cool relief from the ego’s relentless demands, but we were never meant to remain on our knees. The master washes our feet, not to subvert a paradigm, but to sanctify the journey that we alone must take. True freedom is terrifying because there are no more masters to serve, no agendas to fulfill, no start and finishing lines, and absolute and total responsibility for all our creations, spilling out from every crystalized thought word, and deed.

Unenlightened man could only ever be unified by constructing a tower to heaven in a naked grab at divine power. We’ve seen this before, as Cosmic memory, too, is being turned back to the center. In those fatal games of brinkmanship with technology, all such alliances were expedient.

But we are now approaching the end of history, both remembered and forgotten. When the master becomes the servant, and the servant the master, Christ has returned. This is the Omega Point; the end that is a new beginning, declared by many tongues in one voice. The adversarial relationship with nature will be replaced by co-operation and harmony as part of an integral cosmovision. Enlightened humanity’s destiny will be fulfilled as the living temple. Rather than lose our individuality and autonomy, this new reality and dimensional fabric will allow for an explosion into multiple forms, all unique expressions of the one I Am.

In a game of 5D chess, surely the originator of the board has the last move. All sequences and possibilities are known in advance, since they already exist. Victory is not just assured; it is a fact accomplished. As it is commanded, so it will be.

Thy Kingdom has come, Thy will be One, On Earth and in Heaven.

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