Calling out the black magic of the West

Weekly energy pulse: Nov 3-9

In this reading: Western sorcery uses our own goodness against us. It is the very keystone of the mass confidence trick and the method is appropriation.

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Anointed (Knot)

When Jesus anointed during his healing ministry, he didn’t use ceremonial perfumed oils but something quick to hand and always available. Jesus used his own spittle. It’s a shamanic image, the Nazarene wandering the shores of Galilee with his motley band of followers, initiating and sanctifying any willing soul with his own saliva.

Anointment in the ancient world was reserved for recognised kings and prophets. Mary Magdalene turned all that on its head when she anointed Jesus, then as much shaman as preacher, from the alabaster jar. Christ of course, means, the ‘anointed one’. It’s a title that became a name. The image of Jesus smearing his spittle on the foreheads of anyone who asked is charged with a universally inclusive spirit (catholic in the true sense): all are welcome and we can remove the pomp from ceremony, Catholic from catholic.

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Don’t stand on ceremony

SO AS WE HEAD INTO this week, we are being asked to release the form of a ritual, to allow for it to become more universal and accessible. We are being asked to reclaim its energy from corruption. As always, we have to decode this for its more practical applications.

In this context, ceremony is a convention that was designed to uphold the privileges of the priestly cast but has become a superstition in our own minds. Think about that. Where are we still allowing middlemen to stand between our sovereign souls and God?

In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church sold ‘indulgences’ to ease the passage of weathered souls. That’s a good scam: selling tickets to heaven. This may seem far removed from our present beliefs, but we are dealing here at the level of superstition and what we might call black magic. The priestly cast have been replaced by bankers, marketing gurus and influencers, still selling indulgences.

It’s easy to imagine black magic in exotic and far-flung places such as Haiti and Peru, but really they’re amateurs at sorcery compared to the West, which specialises in mass hypnosis. The great feat of Western sorcery is to have made the process autonomic: we don’t need to be ‘attacked’ from the outside when we have already internalised the dynamic. Like a disease, it has become auto-aggressive.

The currency of superstition

Let’s call it self-sorcery. Now we’re getting more specific. What ritual or belief has become so conditioned that we scarcely question its legitimacy; a ritual or belief that perpetuates itself with virulent force? It may be so close to home, that it escapes attention.

If we contrast the anointing of kings and the fate of paupers, it becomes obvious. Money, income, work and identity are all enrolled. Yes, money. The money system itself is a holographic mirage and system of control. But are we still in its thrall and can it be reclaimed?

The great ruse of Western sorcery is the perpetuation of the illusion of free will and individuality. If we have been convinced that we are free, we will reinforce the same system that enslaves us. We become our own jail-keepers. And we will do so even at the cost of our lives.

How did we get seduced or coerced into this illusion? It’s the second strand of Western sorcery: to take what is pure and corrupt it, whilst trusting that our ancient memory of that purity will make us loyal defenders. In essence, Western sorcery uses our own goodness against us. It is the very keystone of the mass confidence trick and the method is appropriation.

The power of naming

‘Christ’ is both a name and title. Jesus was anointed by Mary Magdalene, yes, but he didn’t assume the mantle of the office of Christ until his resurrection. In that sense, Mary was a prophet who named Jesus into being as the Christ before he was capable – the anointment made him capable. This rests on the idea of logizomai, the Greek word in the New Testament meaning ‘reckon’ or ‘to reckon’.

Logizomai means to word or reckon something into being, before it has been birthed. If someone tells a child consistently that they are stupid, they will live down to that expectation; insist they are smart, and they become that. It’s the same principle, only elevated. Mary saw Jesus as the Christ, ritually enacted the vision through anointment, time collapsed and he became that.

So where does that leave us this week? We are at the crux between a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle (self-sorcery), and a virtuous cycle of wording ourselves (and a new world) into being.

the knot

THIS CRUX IS EFFECTIVELY A Gordian knot. Once the rope is cut, however, the positive cycle is unleashed and a new era of freedom begins. We will have relinquished any residual loyalty to the old order or paradigm. Sometimes it takes an outsider with no inherited loyalty to the system to cut the knot or state the obvious: the emperor has no clothes.

We can find the virtues of money as pure energy, and as an instrument of exchange. If we sanctify this exchange, it becomes sacred ceremony right in the middle of everyday life. The new currency is love, and not in an airy, romantic way. It’s akin to reclaiming our own innocence from the pervasive myth of original sin. In other words, it is essential.

Insiders and outsiders is a theme in the ministry of Jesus. There were apostles (insiders) and followers (outsiders); there were esoteric teachings (insiders), and exoteric (outsiders). To be outside here does not refer to exclusion or hierarchy – after all, many of the apostles proved thick-headed to the esoteric messaging.

The best critiques of embedded systems come from outsiders. If we are alienated from that system, we have no investment in sustaining its illusions. Jesus was an outsider. Outsiders are ‘chosen’. Outsiders are anointed with spittle on the salt-cracked shores of the Galilee. That’s us. It hasn’t been an easy ride.

We are approaching a crucial threshold in our relationship to money or whatever has the most superstitious currency in our lives, and its capacity to enslave or liberate. Relieved of the last remnants of self-sorcery, we can rescind our consent and overturn the money changers’ table at the temple; turn out the den of thieves. We can become the anointed outsiders moving to the inside of the greater shift in consciousness. First us, then the world.

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