Weekly energy pulse: Oct 27-Nov 2

Tuning in to the right bandwidth


In this reading: When we look for truth outside our bandwidth of consciousness, our nervous systems register the dissonance as danger. There’s a much better alternative.

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Holding space (Siddhartha)

Nothing happens inside a space provided for healing or transformation when we don’t feel safe. A well-held energetic container allows the recipient to dive deep into old wounds and shadow work without having to look over their shoulder. They can also leave their body behind, so to speak, knowing it is well attended while tripping the light fantastic.

Holding space is not reserved for ceremonial work. We hold space for one another whenever we voluntarily put aside our own concerns to listen deeply, without an agenda. As the late theologian Henri Nouwen wrote in The Wounded Healer: “Who can listen to a story of loneliness and despair without taking the risk of experiencing similar pains in his own heart and even losing his precious peace of mind? In short: Who can take away suffering without entering it?”

The point here is the absence of self-concern, but as with anything with the ego, it’s slipper territory. Teresa of Avila, who along with John of the Cross brought great illumination to the process of the Dark Night of the Soul, severely rebuked spiritual directors who sought to bring their charges out of their experience of desolation and abandonment prematurely.

At the surface level, they offered help. At a deeper level, dead ends and diversions. Save us all from such good intentions.

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The Dark Night is often marked by a great void where old convictions and consolations are subject to a withering almost violent in its absoluteness. Teresa’s clumsy spiritual directors were so uncomfortable with their own void, or so attached to their identities as mentors or cosmic ‘fixers’, that they trampled all over mystery – in some cases only prolonging the acute suffering of those they were trying to help.

Holding space for another, then, brings us face to face with our own unresolved material, and our own discomfort with the inscrutable dimensions of mystery – the dark face of God. But we don’t need to be perfect. The energetic container becomes porous, simply, if we are not aware of our own capacity for self-deception. And this week is all about knowing who and what we can hold space for: in other words, who and what is our energetic match.

The implications are huge.

Bandwidths of experience

HOLDING SPACE FOR ANOTHER, or for a group, offers a good analogy for the energetic container we create and invoke for an idea whose time has come. I wrote previously about how divine timing is the moment we recognise what’s been here all along in its full scope and possibility. We are now holding space for its manifestation in the world.

We are well aware of the need for cultivating discernment amid an influx of information and sensory overload. It’s all about relativity. There are streams of consciousness, and information that emerges from one stream is true to that stream, but not another. Accessing information in the form of prophecy, prediction and advice from a higher stream or octave is harmless; it simply disappears over our heads. We don’t have the container for that light – not yet.

However, if we access information from a ‘lower’ stream and fail to notice the dissonance in our field and body – our discernment filters – we set ourselves up for trouble. Firstly, the nervous system is compromised. One aspect of empathic sensitivity not often discussed is sensitivity to inauthenticity. When there is a disconnect between what we perceive and what is being portrayed as ‘truth’, it gets registered as danger. This is especially true when there was a lot of trauma in childhood. The nervous system is part of our discernment filter, and when we ignore dissonance or inauthenticity, it gets triggered as anxiety and fear.

Level confusion

There is no value judgment here, since each level has its own truth. And it’s not just about accessing information, but the very place we are abiding. We can get stuck when there is, what The Course in Miracles, calls “level confusion”. This week is about clarifying those filters of any residual fear of mystery and narrow ego agendas, especially identities which encourage a sense of specialness.

Here our desire to be seen as ‘special’ (ie. better or less than others) actually gets in the way of the expression of our uniqueness, which paradoxically only happens when we are freed from that particular strand of self-obsession fuelled in our culture. It looks a little like this:

–Yes, you are special

–Everyone is special

–So let’s get over ourselves and get on with it.

When we operate out of the bandwidth appropriate to our level, we enter a virtuous cycle. Much like the new wave of authenticity-in-marketing, when our niche gets smaller and more specific (see Destiny Hidden in Plain Sight), we are not diminishing our opportunities, but ensuring the maximum energetic resonance with those people, opportunities and ideas with whom we engage. This is commonly called abundance and flow.


IN HERMANN HESSE’S CLASSIC novel, Siddhartha turns his back on the newly awakened Buddha having emerged from his own Dark Night. He had lived bone-deep– a grain-of-rice-a-day deep – the path and tradition of the forest renunciate. He then indulged fully in the sensory world of seduction, sex, money, addiction and hoarding. Neither brought him to fulfillment, much less enlightenment.

He walked away from it all. That’s when he crossed paths with the Buddha. Still, he walked on. Even the path itself, the desire for ultimate liberation, is stripped away in the Dark Night. Siddhartha was now on his own utterly unique path, though he scarcely recognised it as such; he had been stripped of nearly all sense of specialness.

It would be easy to say that to walk our own unique paths, stripped of specialness, takes courage. But we would barely recognise it as such, simply because we have been compelled and led by our souls from the very beginning. It never felt like much of a choice – more a calling. In the economy of grace, we learned that it was more painful to ignore the calling than it was to go through the reconditioning process. We are past that tipping point now.

We can apply the same processes and principles to holding space for our unique paths, even while they are being revealed to us, through us. And we can recognise those on our bandwidth by the synchrony of our experiences. We appear to be going through the same thing at the same time – experiencing the same challenges and dynamics – with remarkable correlation. That doesn’t mean our lives and gifts look the same. Far from it. But it does make us specially placed to offer the missing pieces of the jigsaw for one another.

Our bandwidth is ascending; so it’s not static. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats. We are all in this together. We will find that the inconvenience and losses of committing to our specific bandwidth are outweighed by the growing benefits of flow. This virtuous cycle with gather speed, and this is just the beginning.

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