Weekly energy pulse: Sept 30-Oct 6

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood


This is a new, more regular energy-reading offering designed to help those struggling through the many transitions of the spiritual awakening process. In particular, this is for first-wavers who took on a heavy karmic load this lifetime for the benefit of all. The format is simple: I pull two cards (the second in brackets) that speak together for a cohesive message.

the vibe

Mantra (Tree)

What is a mantra? A sound wave, a mind wave, an energy signature? Mantra here encompasses all these aspects but most particularly aligning to a certain vibration, signature or frequency. Mantras are often used with (108) mala beads, symbolising the stringing together of individual aspects making a sacred whole.

So there is a cohesiveness implied here: showing how the episodes of history are strung together to form an outer personality, but encompassed and transcended by true nature. These parts thrum to the singularity of the mantra being invoked. What does this mean for October? It means the individual aspects of our history are put in service of the whole – our true nature.

Let’s break this down.


Childhood roots

THE RINGS OF A TREE are a geography of transcendence: all those psychological markers forming in (symbolically speaking, 108) concentric circles. Where there were episodes of trauma or psychological derailment throughout our lives, we can see the distortions in the individual inner rings. That’s why early-life trauma has such lasting impact – it influences all subsequent rings; warps all future development. In essence, in a pathological holarchy (please see Ken Wilber), wounds become destiny. In order to avoid this grim fate (which was the fate of our ancestors), those old wounds – schisms of the soul – had to be brought forward to our attention once again.

That accounts, in part, for the intensity of the past few months. If we were to see our new world – and by this I mean transitioning through the fourth dimension, a space of dreams and nightmares, to the fifth dimension – through the lens of those egoic deficits, we could make our new freedoms feel like a version of hell.

I thought I had dealt with all that” could well be the slogan of a healing co-opted by the ego. Here, we are not so much clearing the original wound and the way it distorted the field, so much as clearing the ego’s attempt to parlay the healing for its own purposes: to create new shackles of identity and new guarantees of certainty.

We can be compassionate with ourselves here. Grasping for identity and certainty are, at their core, motivated by a desire for safety. Yes, that desire can get inflated into something ugly, but our human inheritance was never easy.

lord of the rings

Have you noticed that what feels right in one moment, doesn’t the next? We are used to these intuitions sustaining us for longer, at least long enough to take action. At least long enough to offer hope. This can be immensely frustrating as we attempt to get a grip on this new dimensional space; set up familiar waymarkers as navigational tools. Back to the tree. How frustrating this feels is directly related to the distorted inner rings. In other words, rather than experiencing the freedom of absolute possibility without the compulsion to turn it into any thing, this open space triggers the fear of ego dissolution.

Reflect on: We must remember that that desire for safety was once a matter of life or death. All those traumatic episodes in childhood where psychological disintegration threatened are evoked on the threshold of ego transcendence. That inner child makes no distinction between dissolution and transcendence.  

In the case of in-utero, birth and pre-verbal trauma, this may be felt as a wordless fear or a superstition that something fundamental is wrong or broken. JR Tolkien in the Lord of the Rings series used the word “doom” as a synonym for destiny. Here, both its iterations are present: destiny – this open, fluid space of the emerging new world –  is doomed.

It’s a myth, albeit a convincing one. Debunking this illusion is the key to a breakthrough right now. Watch the mind. Not with vigilance but with curiosity. The wound has been cleared but its psychic residue lingers, like the after-image of something that has disappeared. A phantom.

We are really in the same space where magic is performed (for good and ill) and miracles happen, though from a different vantage point. If we invest the after-image with substance, it indeed can take form. Tricksters and conjurers (and some shamans) use this to their advantage. But it needs our consent. If we withdraw our invested meaning, that consensus reality breaks down.

magic in our hands

I DON’T MEAN TO BE abstract but the linear rules don’t apply – unless we insist they do!

It boils down to this: when we believe old trauma has been triggered, we are only partly right. The imprint (and the unconscious repetition of wounding, covenant and belief we inherited from our patrilineal and matrilineal bloodlines) has been cleared from our field. Instead, it’s trauma as an organising principle that has been triggered, like an after-image. The triggering is a form of resistance to orienting ourselves without the ever-reliable signposts of fear-based desire – ie. third-dimensional conditioning exacerbated by trauma.

Be curious. The triggering has a different quality if we move out of the mindstream of fear.

We have the possibility of performing light or dark magic on ourselves this month. The core principles organising energy have changed. Our egos are slow to adjust, of course, insisting we’ve gone backwards, that there ought to be more order and cohesion.

If wounds become destiny in a pathological holarchy, we can use the symbiotic nature of the rings to our advantage by stepping outside of the time constraints of the third dimension. From the outer rings of the circle, we can dis-identify with the individual aspects (or mala beads) and empty ourselves into the resonance of the whole. This doesn’t mean history is lost; rather, in the same principle of transcendence, it is swept up in a much larger embrace.  From here, we can rewrite the entire story.

We are ploughing the ancestral field. Those ancestors on board are welcome for the ride. Those who are not, can slip back to a more comfortable dimension. Either case, the dissonance cannot be tolerated any more

In short, don’t believe the hype (trigger). It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Photos: Joey Kyber (tree), Chelsea Shapouri (mala beads) on Unsplash 

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