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 Eagle flies into readings as a harbinger of Vision and Opportunity.

the description

The Eagle card

Eagle surveys the middle world – our world – with breathtaking precision. Born aloft on the currents of the upper world, this majestic bird of prey can see where disparate timelines, strands of destiny, lead. His sight encompasses the whole landscape. Eagle knows when to strike and when to wait.

As the organizing principle of the upper world, Eagle is the keeper of visions. When a vision is brought into the linear dimension, its essence is lost. This presents a dilemma: how to communicate the vision so it has material applications; how do we ensure it is not lost in translation?

The answer is to rise up and meet Eagle in his abode, without bringing anything into form prematurely. Once we have created the interior space to safely hold the vision, the time is right.

Eagle in a reading

This Eagle is aflame, attachments and concepts burning up through the atmosphere as we take flight. Eagle asks us to embrace our vision without measuring it with the dull instruments of cause and effect.

The time is at hand to strike at opportunities seen from the rarefied upper air. A whole panorama is available to us now. Be precise, be exacting, be unsentimental in taking the opportunity. Put simply, there is no place now for old convictions. Argue for your limitations, and you’ll get them.

The vision doesn’t belong to the individual. It belongs to all of us. That should take the pressure off and, paradoxically, raise the stakes. Remember, if we have flown with Eagle in the visionary space, we are uniquely positioned to offer it to the world as a gift. Only any lingering smallness can get it in the way. Let it burn up through the atmosphere.


Main photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

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