May 2019 Forecast: A weird and wild month

by May 2, 2019

This month I am using Osho’s Flying Bird spread. The first card is the initiator of flight. “Each succeeding card responds to the previous one and lifts the bird higher, allowing the questioner to move into greater clarity and inner spaciousness.”

This month I am using Osho’s Flying Bird spread. The first card is the initiator of flight. “Each succeeding card responds to the previous one and lifts the bird higher, allowing the questioner to move into greater clarity and inner spaciousness.”

1. Here and Now (The lift-off card):

Transition is a constant when our work is ascending levels of consciousness. Its appearance in the opening position is somewhat paradoxical: Using the unstable ground of Transition as a stable base from which to lift off.

On an accelerated journey, to paraphrase the mythical Chinese sage Lao Tzu, there is no destination and no plans on arriving. We might say that leaves us in a constant state of transition vainly wishing for the solid ground of certainty. Yet the very grasping at certainty only has the effect of free-fall.

Where are we transitioning from and to? If the past is a memory and the future a projection, Transition itself is presented as an imagined bridge between imagined states. And that tells us all we need to know. The only real thing – the only paradoxically ‘solid’ thing – we can rely upon is the absolute fluidity of the formless realm. It seems like we were already in flight, but barely knew it for fear of looking down.

2. The ‘Resistance’ Card (The fear of flying): 

Spain’s medieval mystic John of the Cross wrote the poem Dark Night of the Soul as a testament to one of the definitive transitions on the spiritual path. This card asks us to recognize where we have made an idol of the path itself. Where have we created objects of achievement instead of yielding to the subject of direct, intimate relationship with the Divine.

When the Divine withdraws from the old relationship of objective separateness, in order that we may know the Divine in subjective intimacy, an apparent void opens. It feels like abandonment. But the Divine ‘Lover’, as John calls it, is simply refusing to pander to an outdated relationship and is inviting us – the ‘Beloved’ – into new inclusion. “The center of the soul is God,” wrote John.

So the resistance here is a fear of losing that old relationship where the objects promise, but never fulfill, the imagined state of mystical union: peace, joy, connection, purpose, unconditional love. If we presume we must be perfect before we are worthy of receiving perfect love, then we are denying the possibility of the all-inclusive new relationship with the Divine. By refusing to yield our will and “fall into the hands of the living God”, we deny God the chance of being God.

Put like that, it sounds absurd. Just as absurd as the fear of flying when we are already airborne.

3. Response-ability to the Fear:

The Divine Lover has a habit of asking us to do strange things, at least strange things through the lens of control. A vision of Our Lady of the Grotto asked young Bernadette to dig for water in the swine-infested mud of a Lourdes cave in the foothills of the French Pyrenees in the 1850s. Only the 14-year-old girl could see the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, so when she shoveled dirt into her mouth for a few drops of water, she was ridiculed by the locals.

As a response to the fear of flying, then, the Lourdes card asks us to suspend disbelief. “Unless you change and become as little children,” writes Matthew, “you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” In one sense, this evokes beginner’s mind and child-like wonder. But we are only to become like children, not abandon the responsibilities implicit in our growing vision as co-creators.

In the school of crazy wisdom, doing strange things is the very means of undoing conditioning and subverting our pre-patterned responses. From Bernadette’s humble efforts, a spring later began to flow. It is now a pilgrimage site for millions of people seeking healing every year. If we are doing this properly, our response to the fear ought to be weird to our old sensibilities. If we find ourselves saying, “Yes, but that’s crazy!”, then we are right on track.

4. Inner Support (Intuition) of Responsibility: 

Every end is a new beginning. Every loss makes space for something else to enter. Zero is the field of endless possibility; the ground of forgiveness freed from the dimensional matrix of time. Our very presence in the Zero field is a victory of illumination over ignorance. Yet Zero is also unnerving: the old is dead but the new yet to be born. Our personalities don’t like such uncertainty.

It is, however, home base for our intuition. It suggests rising to meet our intuition there, in the Zero field, rather than try to drag it kicking and screaming to linear cause and effect. Certainty is not our friend anymore. Surely we don’t want to reanimate our old relationship with the Divine as a distant and capricious Lover.

The purpose of the dream was not to realize stuff and states; turn it into a sliding scale of achievement. The purpose of the dream was to merge with the Dreamtime itself, in intimate union with the Divine. We are spreading our wings now and intuition is our mid-flight navigator, supported by nothing other than the suspension of disbelief.

5. External Support (Intelligent action responding to the intuition): 

This card here represents looking outside ourselves for intimate connection. If Soulmate connotes a relationship based on a preternaturally singular and rare knowing – an intimacy, naturalness and familiarity born from pre-knowing – then there is, ironically, nothing exotic about this connection. We’ve known who they are all along.

A Soulmate, in the modern vernacular, may also be a karmic relationship designed to teach us our lessons good and proper, like some errant student; or a passing angel redirecting our paths. But if it’s friendship we’re after, an unbreakable bond of unconditional love and a symbol and reflection of the Divine itself, isn’t our best mate our own soul?

It is worth asking, when did the soul become so domesticated, so externalized? Before spirit got poured out into flesh, was the soul some timid satellite revolving around much bolder suns? As an “external support”, Soulmate implies it’s time to grapple with the wildness and brightness of our souls and allow them untethered expression, consequences be praised. Separation is breaking down. The centre of the soul is God after all.

6. Relaxation and Acceptance:

The human being, made of star stuff, is a microcosm of the entire universe. Being in the world, but not of it, does not imply an ascending journey to escape the world, but a radical re-engagement with the world knowing our true place as a fractal of God.

There is another reorientation implied here. If our own souls were wild and exotic to us before, then the spiritual journey got hijacked as the futile pursuit of certainty – a journey from the unknown in search for the known. Star People, by contrast, asks us to become so familiar with our souls, that we cannot imagine being anywhere other than home already. Then we venture from the known to the unknown. This turns uncertainty into mystery; instability into multi-dimensionality; transition into mid-flight; suspension into lightness of being; unknowing into receptivity.

Our relaxation is assured when we allow ourselves to be relieved of the burden of control. If the ground of being is nothing but love, and the Divine its active agency, nothing real can ever die anyway. Upending the unknown-to-the-known paradigm goes by another name: relinquishing the myth of original sin for our inheritance of Original Virtue. When Original Virtue is the known base from which we take flight for all our journeys, the unknown takes on a different texture and quality. A bit like infinite possibility. A bit like a soul-ride of never-ending Self-revelation.

7. Arrival at a New Level of Awareness: CHAOS

Having relaxed into instability as possibility unmasked, Chaos provides further detail of the landscape. This is the place of intersecting timelines and dimensions; where the past and future merge in a singular, malleable field. In a sense, it is our primordial return. We are back in Eden with an ancient memory of the original pain of separation. But here we have returned, our inheritance intact, ready to co-create in the evolutionary birthing field of Chaos.

We are getting accustomed to the lack of certainty, the shifting grounds, the loss of memory and emotion as arbiters of experience. We know how this works: from Chaos, new orders emerge by bringing coherence to the disparate strands of energy all seeking reconciliation into a larger whole. This is all life seeking a higher expression of itself and moving towards unification through us.

In alignment with our wild souls, we are orchestrators and transformers of energy. We are a conscious multi-dimensional player now. All bets are off. What will these new orders look and feel like? If we knew, it would spoil the surprise. The month of May, then, promises to be a weird and wild flight.

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