Yearly forecast: 2019 – Part 2

by Jan 8, 2019

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Unseen: Courage  

Here we are looking at the unknown aspects in play; and what will emerge from the shadows and from divine mystery to be a factor in the dynamic of our unfolding year. Yes, it takes courage to step forward and be seen, but here Courage serves as an encouragement. It is a card of faith in action. Again, the main Actor is not our small selves. What may seem an insurmountable obstacle is nothing from the larger point of view, other than a demonstration that what didn’t work before, can now work in the New Energy.

New partnerships of all kinds are possible, elusive dreams realised, provided they occur with a basin of the holy partnership between the soul and the divine; when we are motivated by expanding love from the container of partnership to the entire world. Then, all things are possible. It may even be a surprise what is possible when the unconscious is made conscious and freed up as a resource. It is a triumph of faith through courage – the courage to trust we are enough already, that the pursuit of perfection is a mirage, and it is our very human imperfections that have moulded us to be vessels of Grace.

In the Unseen position, we are encouraged to revisit that mountain we only dared dream of with Eagle. The dream – our deepest and most longstanding yearnings – is no longer a dream when it becomes reality. The New Energy supports both the old dream and the new as an evolving continuum. What was hidden, in other words, has always been known from a higher dimensional perspective. Rather than drag the dream into third-dimensional  manifestation, we ascend to where it has always been fully formed. Again, we see the purpose of the dream: to merge with the Dreamtime itself. What will we dream of next? How can we expand love even further beyond the narrow envelope of that dream? That’s the delight and the purpose.

Master card: Reconciliation.

This card asks us to find the gift in each polarity and ascend to where those gifts are complementary, or two faces of the same quality. Anger or righteousness, for example, can carry the gift of clarity and appropriate boundaries. Passivity or victimisation might carry the seed of a biblical sense of meekness: a suppleness that can be moulded by spirit. In this case, reconciliation integrates the clear-sighted vision of who we are (boundaries) with the humility of knowing the limits of our power (meekness). The cross is a great symbol of the reconciliation of polarities. Jesus hangs suspended between Heaven and Earth, a good thief and a bad thief, his masculine body and his feminine soul – and reconciled them all within himself. When we reconcile our polarities, we are the active agents of transcendence; of redeeming the sorrows of our world.

In the Unseen position, Reconciliation suggests we will be confronted again and again along the year with our inner polarities  – our judgments of right and wrong, awake and asleep, failure and success, ignorance and righteousness. As always, if one finger is pointing out in blame, three are pointing back at us. The emphasis here is on resolution rather than solution. Polarities are not a problem to be solved, healed or cleared. Rather, when we embrace their inherent gifts – located in the middle path – we transcend the duality itself.

Seen: Cherezig

The Seen position shows us what we are already aware of, however, it is open to the transformation represented by Chaos and Courage.

Chenrezig is the Buddha of Compassion who for eons pulled souls out of the underworld, only to discover more souls were going in than he was pulling out. As a result, he shattered and was given a thousand arms, while Green Tara and White Tara – female Buddhas – were crystalised from his tears.

The reference in the Seen position is clear: we have a quantum shift in resources when we shift into a new dimension. There are echoes of Chaos already crossing our path: the butterfly and the tornado are interconnected and size or strength have no relationship to impact; the simplest act of kindness can spark a revolution when we are playing in the unified field. It is incumbent on us, therefore, to be even more scrupulous with our thoughts, words and deeds. There is far greater transparency through the interdimensional gateway (no hanging out in the relative safety and stability of the underworld) and misalignment is likely to be made known to us through the feedback of the universe in short time.

Chenrezig reminds us that compassion is always the noblest course and to cultivate this motivation towards our brothers and sisters – regardless of where they are in their journey. Then, when we slip up, our compassion finds us again through that same feedback mechanism. This is the gentle face of Grace, where our triggers and challenges simply allow us to clear the debris obstructing clear vision. To quote Franciscan author Richard Rohr: “… the greatest surprise is that, sometimes, a bad moral response is the very collapsing of the ego that leads to our ‘falling into the hands of the living God (Hebrews 10:31)’”.

How does this play into the transformative or modulating effects of Chaos and Courage? It suggests forays into the denser world of cause and effect will only keep us locked in a cycle, and rob us of resources – money, energy, time. There is an associated grief, too, of realising how long we had invested in the disappearing world. This, too, is just a baptism into the space beyond time, where our lives and the sorrows of the old world are redeemed; where emotion and memory are no longer the arbiters of experience.

Master card: Atonement.

Rather than see this card as the expiation of sin, Atonement is the method for unravelling conditioning. Wherever we are exhibiting separation consciousness, Atonement offers the remedy. Importantly, Atonement is an inherent self-correcting mechanism housed in the inner temple and not something that has to be directed. Our task, therefore, echoing Chenrezig, is to be mindful of our motivations and be willing to release our instinct to control and the slippery allure of spiritual glamour and superiority. As our false beliefs are atoned, we find ourselves increasingly participating in the at-one-ment through nothing other than our purified desire. It’s bath-time for our resilient spiritual egos as we become joyous not righteous!

As indicated by Chenrezig, the process of Atonement frees up internal resources as more and more of our consciousness is pulled up out of the ‘underworld’. So when we are triggered, or an old fear and associated drama cycles back into our awareness, we can co-operate with the process at work, rather than lapse into what is now a superstitious belief that we have somehow regressed.

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