Transition, crisis and surrender

by May 22, 2018

I like the fact that awakening is a gerund — an –ing word that looks like a verb but acts as a noun. There is no certainty where I might be placed on this open-ended verb-noun spectrum and, to be honest, I am still resistant to rouse myself from the seductions of sleep.

Awakening is a path of loss: loss of identity, loss of security, loss of hope. It is from this apparently bleak landscape that crisis emerges as a confrontation with the transience of life itself.

Archetypally, when the old is dying and the new still being birthed, we enter a liminal space between worlds. By definition, it is obscure and tends to draw to the surface our unresolved material — the old hurts, traumas, and their bedrock beliefs. Yet, through exquisitely painful discovery, I believe our wounding can become the very portal for the transformation we were seeking…

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