Navigating the spiritual awakening process


Divinatory card readings and soul mapping help clients navigate transitions and integrate change during the spiritual awakening process.


Divinatory card readings and soul mapping help clients navigate transitions and integrate change during the spiritual awakening process.

Focus on spiritual awakening

Focus on spiritual awakening

“Wow, your reading prompted a mixture of tears, goosebumps and laughter. You put into words what my soul and spirit knew at a deep level but I couldn’t articulate.”

I have created 78 cards that are specially oriented towards the spiritual awakening process and offering compassion and dignity to a path sometimes mired in darkness or obscurity.

Readings assume that destiny is fluid and the past, present and future all exist in the present moment. As such, they offer prompts for inner navigation and self-empowerment rather than predictions.

If we can gain some insight from a higher perceptual space, readings can offer a degree of peace, clarity and direction that might otherwise get obscured.

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Spiritual awakening involves involves many transitions within an overarching journey of reorienting our very being – perhaps the greatest transition of them all. During these transitions, we enter a liminal space between worlds. By definition, it is obscure and tends to draw to the surface underlying fears of change. This gestation period cannot be rushed.

In myth and art these borderlands are minded by gatekeepers whose task it is to block the path of the uninitiated. If we cross that threshhold too soon, we will not be able to safely integrate the new world that beckons.


Readings help cultivate trust in life when, in the fulcrum of change, it can feel chaotic and out of control.

Readings are designed to illuminate how energy is running through a person’s life in relation to the changes they are confronting. By drawing a cohesive picture, they foster trust that an overarching active intelligence is operating for our benefit.

Surrender cannot be forced and it is not a time of easy answers or false assurances. But we can yield to Grace, piece by piece. When our survival and security fears have been allayed, we can then discover the presence of our spirit leading us through the unknown.

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The Tower of Babel: The finale

The Tower of Babel: The finale

In the old spiritual paradigm, we attempted to surrender to a larger will. In the new spiritual paradigm, we participate in a larger will.  Not “Thy will be done” but Thy will be One.

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‘The greatest gift [Justin] gave me was that of a guiding voice that shone a crystal clear light into my darkness and not only started to help me find a mind map but also made me feel infinitely known, understood and not so alone.’


From my perspective, it is extraordinarily important not to bring any preconceived ideas or biases into a reading. It is also incumbent upon me to do my work: that is, be continuously committed to my own healing path of bringing the unconscious into consciousness.

Fortunately, I have been shaped by life to walk softly on the Earth. My empathy and sensitivity have been transformed in the crucible of the medicine path from an unmanageable source of pain, to a gift with the potential to help others.

Through my own dark nights of the soul, I have arrived at a deeply felt, sincere aspiration to help others through similar passages. This follows walking the medicine wheel at The Four Winds Society; several pilgrimages across Spain and Italy; and numerous more to Peru (and elsewhere) to engage with plant-spirit healing in the indigenous Shipibo tradition of the Amazon and the Bwiti tradition of Gabon.

My own definition of spirituality or the spiritual path is simple: Remembering.

We’ve all been here before. We are all capable. I am an observer only, by invitation of the sovereign self and acutely sensitive to the power of language, its nuances and subtexts. I choose my words very mindfully, when, in the sacred space of a reading, semantics matter. The power is always yours, the choice is always yours, the destiny inalienably yours.

~Justin Craig

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