About Yielding to Grace

My business is what sounds like the bare bones of literacy — reading and writing — but with a metaphysical twist. I work with my own divination cards to map consciousness and help clients navigate this tumultuous time of shifting realities. In other words, I invite you to share a view of life, path, and awakening from a higher perspective. That’s the reading part. My other specialty is writing and editing in the field of conscisouness, spirituality, psychology, and the global shift. I help clients shape their writing to make complex concepts accessible, and where relevant, reach past the conditioned mind.

Where the path has no name


It sounds very Zen. The path of no-path. It means that at a certain point in the awakening journey, the very idea of the path itself is a barrier to realization. Readings tread this paradoxical ground by calling on mythology and timeless wisdom traditions to break open our minds to a much larger reality.

Latest articles

Prophecy and the end of history

Prophecy and the end of history

Prophecy has always pointed beyond itself, and now in these final days, to the end of history itself. Rather than show us how we get to our new world, it is the living bridge between realities.

Maps of consciousness

I am inspired by the tradition of divination used by the Q’ero of Peruvian Andes. They use readings as a means of determining where energy is flowing — and where it is blocked — on a full-spectrum map of consciousness.  Reading the map itself facilitates realignment.

Taking the cosmic pulse

The world is in the midst of a polarity shakedown and wokeness, for better or worse, has gone mainstream. My writing speaks both to and past the conditoned mind to facilitate the withdrawal of our sovereignty from the broken matrix of belief. 

Transmission not translation


Just as fore-telling is a lower aspect of the forth-telling of prophecy, so is translation an echo of the power of direct transmission. As both a writer and editor, I am empassioned by the potential of language to throw off its linear yoke and engage directly with the mind beyond the scaffolding of conventional understanding.

About Justin

From my perspective, it is extraordinarily important not to bring any preconceived ideas or biases into my readings and writing. It is also incumbent upon me to do my work: that is, be continuously committed to my own healing path of bringing the unconscious into consciousness. Fortunately, I have been shaped by life to walk softly on the Earth. My empathy and sensitivity have been transformed in the crucible of the medicine path from an unmanageable source of pain, to a gift with the potential to help others.

Through my own dark nights of the soul, I have arrived at a deeply felt, sincere aspiration to help others through similar passages. This follows walking the medicine wheel at The Four Winds Society; several pilgrimages across Spain and Italy; and numerous more to Peru (and elsewhere) to engage with plant-spirit healing in the indigenous Shipibo tradition of the Amazon and the Bwiti tradition of Gabon.

My own definition of spirituality or the spiritual path is simple: Remembering.

We’ve all been here before. We are all capable. I am an observer only, by invitation of the sovereign self and acutely sensitive to the power of language, its nuances and subtexts. I choose my words very mindfully, when, in our shared sacred space, semantics matter. The power is always yours, the choice is always yours, the destiny inalienably yours.

~Justin Craig

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